optochemical etymology

English word optochemical comes from English chemical, English opto- (Eye, vision, light.)

Detailed word origin of optochemical

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chemical English (eng) (chemistry, sciences) Any specific chemical element or chemical compound or alloy.. (colloquial) An artificial chemical compound.. (slang) An addictive drug. (obsolete) Of or relating to alchemy.. Of or relating to a material or processes not commonly found in nature or in a particular product.. Of or relating to chemistry.
opto- English (eng) Eye, vision, light.
optochemical English (eng) (physiology) Relating to the chemical processes involved in sight / vision.

Words with the same origin as optochemical

Descendants of chemical
acetaminophen chemigation chemtrail
Descendants of opto-
optoacoustic optocoupler optoelectric optoelectronic optogalvanic optogenetic optogram optoisolated optoisolator optokinesis optokinetic optology optomagnonic optomechanics optometrically optometrist optometry optomotor optophobia optophone optoporation optospintronics optotype optotypic