optogram etymology

English word optogram comes from English -gram (Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.), English opto- (Eye, vision, light.)

Detailed word origin of optogram

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-gram English (eng) Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.
opto- English (eng) Eye, vision, light.
optogram English (eng) (physiology) An image of external objects fixed on the retina by the photochemical action of light on the visual purple.

Words with the same origin as optogram

Descendants of -gram
hologram sonic sound telegram ultrasound unison
Descendants of opto-
optoacoustic optochemical optocoupler optoelectric optoelectronic optogalvanic optogenetic optoisolated optoisolator optokinesis optokinetic optology optomagnonic optomechanics optometrically optometrist optometry optomotor optophobia optophone optoporation optospintronics optotype optotypic