optokinesis etymology

English word optokinesis comes from English -kinesis (Movement, motion.), English opto- (Eye, vision, light.)

Detailed word origin of optokinesis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-kinesis English (eng) Movement, motion.
opto- English (eng) Eye, vision, light.
optokinesis English (eng) The movement of the eye in response to an external stimulus.

Words with the same origin as optokinesis

Descendants of -kinesis
acrokinesis aerokinesis amphikinesis autokinesis biokinesis chemokinesis diakinesis ferrokinesis geokinesis hydrokinesis hypokinesis metakinesis microkinesis neurokinesis nucleokinesis orthokinesis parakinesis photokinesis pryokinesis psychokinesis teek telekinesis telekinetic thermokinesis
Descendants of opto-
optoacoustic optochemical optocoupler optoelectric optoelectronic optogalvanic optogenetic optogram optoisolated optoisolator optokinetic optology optomagnonic optomechanics optometrically optometrist optometry optomotor optophobia optophone optoporation optospintronics optotype optotypic