optomechanics etymology

English word optomechanics comes from English mechanics, English opto- (Eye, vision, light.)

Detailed word origin of optomechanics

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mechanics English (eng) (physics) The branch of physics that deals with the action of forces on material objects with mass. (writing) Spelling and punctuation.. Operation in general; workings.. The design and construction of machines.
opto- English (eng) Eye, vision, light.
optomechanics English (eng) (optics, mechanics) The design and manufacture of precision mechanical components of optical devices.

Words with the same origin as optomechanics

Descendants of mechanics
mechatronics mecomtronics
Descendants of opto-
optoacoustic optochemical optocoupler optoelectric optoelectronic optogalvanic optogenetic optogram optoisolated optoisolator optokinesis optokinetic optology optomagnonic optometrically optometrist optometry optomotor optophobia optophone optoporation optospintronics optotype optotypic