organogen etymology

English word organogen comes from English -gen (A producer of something, e.g. hydrogen.), English organo-

Detailed word origin of organogen

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-gen English (eng) A producer of something, e.g. hydrogen.
organo- English (eng) (chemistry, forms adjectives and nouns, sometimes hyphenated) compounds in which an organic group is attached to an inorganic element or grouping. Organic matter (in the soil, etc.). Organs of the body.
organogen English (eng) (chemistry, dated) Any of certain other elements sometimes found in organic compounds, such as sulphur and phosphorus.. (chemistry, dated) Any of the four elements — carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen — that are especially characteristic of organic compounds.

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Descendants of -gen
acrogen androgen antiflorigenic carcinogen carcinogenic chalcogenide comedogenic estrogen gasogen hallucinogen hallucinogenic litogen melanogen morphogen mutagen narced neogen nitragin nitrogen osteogen procarcinogen pruritogen pyrogen zymogen
Descendants of organo-
organoantimony organoborane organoboronic organocalcium organocatalytic organocatalyzed organocesium organochromium organofunctional organogelator organogenetic organohafnium organohalogen organological organomagnesium organometal organomodified organonickel organophosphate organoplastic organosilanol organosilver organosodium organosulfur organoxenon