organogenesis etymology

English word organogenesis comes from English -genesis (Origin. Production.), English organo-

Detailed word origin of organogenesis

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-genesis English (eng) Origin. Production.
organo- English (eng) (chemistry, forms adjectives and nouns, sometimes hyphenated) compounds in which an organic group is attached to an inorganic element or grouping. Organic matter (in the soil, etc.). Organs of the body.
organogenesis English (eng) (biology) the formation and development of the organs of an organism from embryonic cells.

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Descendants of -genesis
aerogenesis amyloidogenesis androgenesis baryogenesis cacogenesis carcinomagenesis cementogenesis digenetic dysgenesis embryogenesis enteropathogenesis hadrogenesis hematogenesis hepatogenesis mitogenesis monogenesis nephrogenesis neurogenesis noegenesis orthogenesis osteogenesis parthenogenesis retinogenesis virogenesis
Descendants of organo-
organoantimony organoborane organoboronic organocalcium organocatalytic organocatalyzed organocesium organochromium organofunctional organogelator organogenetic organohafnium organohalogen organological organomagnesium organometal organomodified organonickel organophosphate organoplastic organosilanol organosilver organosodium organosulfur organoxenon