orichalcum etymology

English word orichalcum comes from Ancient Greek χαλκός, Ancient Greek ὄρος

Detailed word origin of orichalcum

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χαλκός Ancient Greek (grc)
ὄρος Ancient Greek (grc)
ὀρείχαλκος Ancient Greek (grc)
orichalcum Latin (lat) (Late Latin, Medieval Latin, poetic) brass (or brass objects). A mythical mineral. Yellow copper ore, or an alloy of gold and copper.
orichalcum English (eng) A valuable yellow metal known to the Ancient Greeks and Romans; now sometimes interpreted as referring to a natural alloy of gold and copper, and sometimes treated as a mythical substance.

Words with the same origin as orichalcum

Descendants of χαλκός
Chalcolithic chalco- chalcogen chalcogenide
Descendants of ὄρος
oread oregano oro- orogenesis orogenic orogenous orogeny