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English word orogenous comes from English -ous, English orogeny

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-ous English (eng) (chemistry) Used in chemical nomenclature to name chemical compounds in which a specified chemical element has a lower oxidation number than in the equivalent compound whose name ends in the suffix -ic. For example sulphuric acid (H2SO4) has more oxygen atoms per molecule than sulphurous acid (H2SO3). See Inorganic nomenclature.. Used to form adjectives from nouns, to denote possession or [...]
orogeny English (eng) (geology) The process of mountain building by the upward folding of the Earth's crust.
orogenous English (eng) (geology, often humorous, by analogy to erogenous) Of or relating to mountain-building; orogenic.

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advantageous analogy autonomous cancerous courageous courteous delirious flirtatious gorge gorgeous incestuous instantaneous miscellaneous momentous monotonous murderous nauseous outrageous poisonous sensuous simultaneous spontaneous squeamish synonymous thunderous
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anorogenic orogenic