osteopath etymology

English word osteopath comes from English osteo- (Bone.), English -path

Detailed word origin of osteopath

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osteo- English (eng) Bone.
-path English (eng) Used to form nouns indicating someone with a particular capability, as a type of remedial treatment. Used to form nouns indicating someone with a particular disorder.
osteopath English (eng) (alternative medicine) A non-physician healthcare practitioner who practices osteopathy by manipulating the skeleton and muscles. Not to be confused with Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) (also known as osteopathic physicians) who are full physicians like Doctors of Medicine (M.D.).

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Descendants of osteo-
ectostosis nonosteoporotic ostealgia osteoarthropathy osteochondral osteochondroma osteoclast osteoconductive osteocranium osteocutaneous osteodysplasia osteodysplastic osteoid osteoinduction osteomyelitis osteonectin osteophilic osteoporosis osteoprotegerin osteoradionecrotic osteosarcoma osteosclerosis osteosynthetic osteotendinous
Descendants of -path
allopath homeopath narcopath neuropath sociopathy technopath theopath