osteoprotegerin etymology

English word osteoprotegerin comes from Latin protego (I cover. I defend. I protect.), English flagellar (Of or pertaining to a flagellum.), English osteo- (Bone.)

Detailed word origin of osteoprotegerin

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
protego Latin (lat) I cover. I defend. I protect.
flagellar English (eng) Of or pertaining to a flagellum.
osteo- English (eng) Bone.
osteoprotegerin English (eng) A cytokine that can inhibit the production of osteoclasts.

Words with the same origin as osteoprotegerin

Descendants of protego
antiprotection cerebroprotection chemoprotection cryoprotection cytoprotection hepatoprotection osmoprotection overprotection photoprotection protect protection protectionism renoprotection vasculoprotection vasoprotection
Descendants of flagellar
Descendants of osteo-
ectostosis nonosteoporotic ostealgia osteoarthropathy osteochondral osteochondroma osteoclast osteoconductive osteocranium osteocutaneous osteodysplasia osteodysplastic osteoid osteoinduction osteomyelitis osteonectin osteopath osteophilic osteoporosis osteoradionecrotic osteosarcoma osteosclerosis osteosynthetic osteotendinous