osteotendinous etymology

English word osteotendinous comes from English osteo- (Bone.), English tendinous (Of, pertaining to, or resembling a tendon or sinew.)

Detailed word origin of osteotendinous

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osteo- English (eng) Bone.
tendinous English (eng) Of, pertaining to, or resembling a tendon or sinew.
osteotendinous English (eng) Relating to (the connection between) bone and tendons.

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Descendants of osteo-
ectostosis nonosteoporotic ostealgia osteoarthropathy osteochondral osteochondroma osteoclast osteoconductive osteocranium osteocutaneous osteodysplasia osteodysplastic osteoid osteoinduction osteomyelitis osteonectin osteopath osteophilic osteoporosis osteoprotegerin osteoradionecrotic osteosarcoma osteosclerosis osteosynthetic