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English word overload comes from English over-, English load

Detailed word origin of overload

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over- English (eng) Above, or higher. Excessively. Superior. Surrounding or covering.
load English (eng) (intransitive) To be placed into storage or conveyance.. (intransitive) To be put into use in an apparatus.. (intransitive) To put a load on something.. (intransitive) To receive a load.. (intransitive, computing) To transfer from a storage medium into computer memory.. (transitive) To ask or adapt a question so that it will be more likely to be answered in a certain way.. (transitive) To [...]
overload English (eng) (intransitive) to fail due to excessive load. (transitive) to load excessively. (transitive) to provide too much power to a circuit. (transitive, object-oriented) to create different functions for the same name, to be used in different contexts (computing, programming) An overloaded version of a function.. An excessive load.. The damage done, or the outage caused by such a load.

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overboard overcoat overcome overdose overjoyed overrated overrun overseas oversight overthrow overtime overweight