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English word overrun comes from English over-, English run

Detailed word origin of overrun

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over- English (eng) Above, or higher. Excessively. Superior. Surrounding or covering.
run English (eng) (archaic) To be popularly known; to be generally received.. (copulative) To become different in a way mentioned (usually to become worse).. (figurative, transitive) To go through without stopping, usually illegally.. (fluids) To flow.. (golf) To strike (the ball) in such a way as to cause it to run along the ground, as when approaching a hole.. (intransitive) Of a liquid, to flow.. [...]
overrun English (eng) (printing) To carry (some type, a line or column, etc.) backward or forward into an adjacent line or page.. To abuse or oppress, as if by treading upon.. To continue for too long.. To defeat an enemy and invade in great numbers, seizing his positions conclusively.. To go beyond; to extend in part beyond.. To infest, swarm over, flow over.. To run past; to run beyond. An instance of [...]

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overboard overcoat overcome overdose overjoyed overload overrated overseas oversight overthrow overtime overweight