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English word oxadiazole comes from English oxa-, English diazole

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oxa- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Used to name compounds in which a carbon atom (typically a methylene group) has been replaced by one of oxygen.
diazole English (eng) (organic compound) Either of two unsaturated heterocycles consisting of a five-membered ring containg three carbon atoms, two nitrogen atoms and two double bonds - namely pyrazole and imidazole.
oxadiazole English (eng) (organic compound) Any five-membered heterocycle having two carbon atoms, two nitrogen atoms, one oxygen atom, and two double bonds.

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oxabicyclic oxaborole oxacyclic oxadiazepine oxadiazine oxanorbornene oxapentane oxaphosphine oxaphosphole oxasilolane oxathiane oxathiazinone oxathiazole oxathiine oxathiirane oxatricycle oxaziridine