oxysome etymology

English word oxysome comes from English oxy- (Sharp, keen, acute, pungent, acid Concerning oxygen.), English -some

Detailed word origin of oxysome

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oxy- English (eng) Sharp, keen, acute, pungent, acid Concerning oxygen.
-some English (eng) Characterized by some specific condition or quality. Used to form a word indicating a group with a certain small number of members A body A chromosome.
oxysome English (eng) (biology) One of the small round bodies found in the folds of the cristae in the inner mitochondrial membrane, and involved in ATP synthesis.

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Descendants of oxy-
californium oxychloride deoxycholate deoxyribonucleic deoxyribose deoxyuridine omeprazole oxyacetic oxyacetylene oxyamphetamine oxyarc oxybromination oxybutyric oxycalcium oxycephaly oxychalcogenide oxyconformity oxyferryl oxyfunctionalization oxygraph oxyhalide oxyhydroxide oxynitride oxyphilic oxyresveratrol oxytelluride
Descendants of -some
awesome awesomely awesomeness bothersome burdensome clawsome cumbersome dumb sauce fearsome floatsome foursome leafsome lifesome lonesome meddlesome ogglesome pitysome quarrelsome selfsome tiresome troublesome wandersome wearisome worrisome