ozoniferous etymology

English word ozoniferous comes from English -iferous, English ozone

Detailed word origin of ozoniferous

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-iferous English (eng)
ozone English (eng) (from an erroneous former belief that seaweed contains and releases ozone) Fresh air, especially that breathed at the seaside and smelling of seaweed.. (inorganic chemistry) An allotrope of oxygen (symbol O3) having three atoms in the molecule instead of the usual two; it is a blue gas, generated from oxygen by electrical discharge. (transitive) To treat with ozone.
ozoniferous English (eng) Yielding or bearing ozone.

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Descendants of -iferous
coloriferous coralliferous crystalliferous fossiliferous galeniferous gasiferous guaniferous gummiferous insectiferous lamelliferous mammaliferous manniferous muriatiferous nectariferous nitrogeniferous ocelliferous papuliferous phosphoriferous polleniferous pyritiferous siliciferous stoloniferous sulphuriferous uriniferous
Descendants of ozone
Ozona ozonate ozonation ozonic ozonification ozonise ozonize ozonolysis ozonous