paleonymy etymology

English word paleonymy comes from English -onymy, English paleo- (Old; ancient or primitive. Related to paleontology.)

Detailed word origin of paleonymy

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-onymy English (eng) Used to form nouns describing the the study, formation, or use of words or names.
paleo- English (eng) Old; ancient or primitive. Related to paleontology.
paleonymy English (eng) The connotations that a word carries due to its historical meaning or meanings.. The use of a preexisting word in a new context.

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Descendants of -onymy
antonymy capitonymy chresonymy chrononymy endonymy eponymy ethnonymy euonymy exonymy holonymy hydronymy hyponymy metronymy micronymy myonymy netcronym organonymy papponymy poecilonymy pseudonymy retronymy tautonymy theonymy xenonymy
Descendants of paleo-
Paleohispanic Paleoproterozoic paleoalgology paleoanthropic paleoanthropology paleoart paleoastronomy paleobiogeography paleobiologist paleobioprovince paleodemography paleoendemic paleofantasy paleoichthyology paleolimnological paleolimnology paleomagnetic paleomagnetochronologic paleomammalian paleophyte paleotechnic paleothermometer paleothermometry paleovirology paleozoology