pancreatitis etymology

English word pancreatitis comes from English pancreas, English -itis

Detailed word origin of pancreatitis

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pancreas English (eng) (anatomy) A gland near the stomach which secretes a fluid into the duodenum to help with food digestion. The fluid contains protease, carbohydrase and lipase, which breaks down larger molecules into smaller pieces. The pancreas also produces the hormones insulin and glucagon which regulate blood sugar. These hormones are released into the cardiovascular system.
-itis English (eng) (humorous) Used to form the names of various fictitious afflictions or diseases.. (pathology) Suffix denoting diseases characterized by inflammation, itself often caused by an infection.
pancreatitis English (eng) Inflammation of the pancreas.

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Descendants of pancreas
pancreatectomy pancreatoduodenectomy
Descendants of -itis
adrenalitis appendicitis capitalitis colitis conjunctivitis encephalitic fasciitis gastritis gingivitis gnathitis hyaloiditis itis laminitis lazyitis lymph lymphatic mediastinitis osteomyelitis phlebitis recessionitis retinitis sinusitis tendonitis vesiculitis