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English word pandeist comes from English pandeism, English -ist

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pandeism English (eng) (rare) Worship which admits or tolerates favorable aspects of all religions; omnitheism.. A coherent belief in a God who is both pantheistic and deistic, e.g. a God who designed the universe and then created it by becoming the universe, thus ceasing to act consciously with respect to the universe.
-ist English (eng) Added to words to form nouns denoting:. A person who holds bigoted, partial views.. A person who uses a technological device of some kind. ;a person with a particular creative or academic role. ;one who has a certain political tendency. ;one who owns or manages something. ;one who subscribes to a particular theological doctrine or religious denomination;.
pandeist English (eng) (religion) of or relating to pandeism. (rare, religion) one who believes in the truth of all religions. (religion) One who believes in pandeism, a blend of pantheism and deism.

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