pantheon etymology

English word pantheon comes from Ancient Greek θεῖος, Ancient Greek πᾶς, Ancient Greek θείος

Detailed word origin of pantheon

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θεῖος Ancient Greek (grc)
πᾶς Ancient Greek (grc)
θείος Ancient Greek (grc)
πάνθειος Ancient Greek (grc)
pantheon English (eng) (mythology) All the gods of a particular people or religion, particularly the ancient Greek gods residing on Olympus, considered as a group.. A category or classification denoting the most honored persons of a group.. A temple dedicated to all the gods.

Words with the same origin as pantheon

Descendants of θεῖος
Descendants of πᾶς
Pan- Pan-Slavism Pan-deism Pan-en-deism diapason pan panacea panchromatic pancreas pancrelipase pandect pandeistic pandemic pandemonium panentheism panoply panopticon panorama pansexual pantheist pantograph pantomime parrhesia tiltorama