pantophagous etymology

English word pantophagous comes from English -phagous (Used to form adjectives meaning "eating" or "feeding on".), English panto- (All.)

Detailed word origin of pantophagous

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-phagous English (eng) Used to form adjectives meaning "eating" or "feeding on".
panto- English (eng) All.
pantophagous English (eng) Eating all kinds of food.

Words with the same origin as pantophagous

Descendants of -phagous
ampelophagous androphagous anthophagous anthropophagous bacteriophagous entomophagous geophagous haematophagous histiophagous lithophagous mycetophagous mycophagous nematophagous oligophagous oophagous ophiophagous ornithophagous ostreophagous phytophagous polyphagous saproxylophagous xylophagous zoophagous zoöphagous
Descendants of panto-
pantisocracy pantisocratic pantochronometer pantocracy pantology pantometer pantometry pantophagy pantophobia