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English word parablast comes from English -blast (An immature cell or tissue.), English para-

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-blast English (eng) An immature cell or tissue.
para- English (eng) Forming words relating to disability sport (obsolete, not productive) to guard against, to avert, to shield from; to provide protection against, defence from Parachute. (organic chemistry) In isomeric benzene derivatives, having the two substituents in opposite positions (compare ortho- and meta-.). Abnormal, incorrect. Above, beyond. Beside, near, alongside. Resembling.
parablast English (eng) (biology) A portion of the mesoblast (of peripheral origin) of the developing embryo, whose cells are involved in the formation of the first blood and blood vessels.

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Descendants of -blast
ameloblast ameloblastin ameloblastoma cardioblast cytotrophoblast embryoblast erythroblast haematoblast haemoblast hematoblast hepatoblastic hypoblastic idioblast leucoblast leukoblast macroblast megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic megaloblast monoblast odontoblast retinoblast sarcoblast trophoblastic
Descendants of para-
paracentral paracopulatory paracotylar paracrystal parajump paralanguage paralegal paralinguistically paramagnet paramedic paramilitary paramorph paramutable paraneoplastic paranormal paraplegic parapsychologist parapsychology paraschoepite parasynchronized paratroops paratype paraxylene paroccipital parotid