parenticide etymology

English word parenticide comes from English -cide (Killer. Killing.), English parent

Detailed word origin of parenticide

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-cide English (eng) Killer. Killing.
parent English (eng) To act as parent, to raise or rear. (attributive) Sponsor, supporter, owner, protector.. (biology) An organism from which a plant or animal is immediately biologically descended. [from 17th c.]. (computing) The object from which a child or derived object is descended; a node superior to another node. [from 20th c.]. (obsolete) A relative. [15th-18th c.]. A parent company. [from 20th c.]. A [...]
parenticide English (eng) A person who kills his or her parent.. The killing of a parent.

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amicicide computercide culturecide deicidal febricide felicide feticide fungicide gendercide geocide gonocide herbicide infanticide insecticide larvicidal licecide lupicide mosquitocide nematicide neonaticide spermicide vaccicide vermicidal vulpicide