partner etymology

English word partner comes from Proto-Italic *partis (Part.), Latin partiri, Latin partitionem

Detailed word origin of partner

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*partis Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Part.
partiri Latin (lat)
partitionem Latin (lat)
pars Latin (lat) (usually, in plural) party (politics). Direction. Faction. Fate, lot. Function, duty. Part (theatre). Part, piece, share. Some.
partio Latin (lat) I share, part, apportion; divide, distribute.
partitus Latin (lat)
partitio Latin (lat) (philosophy, and, rhetoric) A logical division into parts or heads, classification, partition.. The act of sharing or parting; partition, division, distribution.
parcion Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
partner English (eng) (Jamaica) A group financial arrangement in which each member contributes a set amount of money over a set period.. (nautical) One of the pieces of wood comprising the framework which strengthens the deck of a wooden ship around the holes through which the mast and other fittings pass.. A member of a business or law partnership. A spouse or other type of domestic partner or romantic or sexual [...]

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Descendants of *partis
apart depart disperse parcel part participate particle particular party portion proportion