passenger etymology

English word passenger comes from Old French passer (To pass; to pass by.), Old French -age

Detailed word origin of passenger

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passer Old French (fro) To pass; to pass by.
-age Old French (fro) Forms nouns with the sense of 'action or result of'. Forms nouns with the sense of 'state of being'.
passage Old French (fro) Passage (part of a route or journey).
passagier Old French (fro)
passenger English (eng) (falconry) A young hunting bird that can fly and is taken while it is still in its first year.. (obsolete) A passer-by; a wayfarer.. One who rides or travels in a vehicle, but who does not operate it and is not a member of the crew. (intransitive) To ride as a passenger in a vehicle.

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Descendants of passer
bypass pass passage passing passport password past trespass
Descendants of -age
age average awesome backstage baggage cottage damage footage hostage language leverage luggage marriage massage orphanage package salvage save stage storage teen teenage voyage