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English word passport comes from French port, French passer, and later French passeport (Passport (official document).)

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port French (fra) Wearing (act of wearing something) Port, harbour. Port, harbour city. Postage. Refuge. Stature, way of carrying oneself. Transport.
passer French (fra) (TV) to show (be on television). (athletics) to pass (the relay baton). (card games) to pass (not play upon one's turn). (dated) (transitive) to pass (an exam or test). (intransitive) to pass (an exam or test). (intransitive) to pass, to go (between two entities). (legal) to pass. (music) to spin (e.g. a disk). (public transportation) to run. (reflexive) to take place, to happen, to come to [...]
passe French (fra) (sports) pass. Pass (document allowing entry). Pass (passageway). Pass (the act of passing).
passeport French (fra) Passport (official document).
passport English (eng) (by extension, informal) Any document that allows entry or passage.. (figuratively) Something which enables someone to do or achieve something.. An official document normally used for international journeys, which proves the identity and nationality of the person for whom it was issued.

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