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English word password comes from English pass, English word

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pass English (eng) (computing, slang) A password (especially one for a restricted-access website). (intransitive) In any game, to decline to play in one's turn.. (intransitive) In euchre, to decline to make the trump.. (intransitive) To be tolerated as a substitute for something else, to "do".. (intransitive) To change from one state to another (without the implication of progression).. (intransitive) To [...]
word English (eng) (intransitive, archaic) To speak, to use words; to converse, to discourse.. (transitive) To ply or overpower with words.. (transitive) To say or write (something) using particular words; to phrase (something).. (transitive, obsolete) To flatter with words, to cajole.. (transitive, rare) To conjure with a word. (computer science) A finite string that is not a command or operator. [from 20th [...]
password English (eng) (computing, transitive) To protect with a password. (computing) A string of characters used to log in to a computer or network, to access a level in a video game, etc.. A word used to gain admittance or to gain access to information; watchword.