paucicellular etymology

English word paucicellular comes from English pauci- ((chiefly, biology) Having or involving few.), English cellular

Detailed word origin of paucicellular

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pauci- English (eng) (chiefly, biology) Having or involving few.
cellular English (eng) (US, informal) A cellular phone (mobile phone). Of, relating to, consisting of, or resembling a cell or cells.
paucicellular English (eng) Having few (or a sparse distribution of) cells.

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Descendants of pauci-
pauciarticular paucibacillary paucidisperse paucimannose paucimannosidic pauciparous pauciserial paucispecific paucispiral paucisymptomatic paucivalent
Descendants of cellular
16-cell 5-cell 8-cell cell cell therapy cellblock cellco cellie celling cellmate celly femtocell hypercell intercell macrocell metaprotocell microcell multi-celled multicell polycell precell soulular subcell unicell virocell