pauciparous etymology

English word pauciparous comes from English pauci- ((chiefly, biology) Having or involving few.), English -parous

Detailed word origin of pauciparous

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pauci- English (eng) (chiefly, biology) Having or involving few.
-parous English (eng) Causing or producing (the thing indicated by the stem to which the suffix is attached).. Parous; relating to parity (the number of times a woman has given birth).
pauciparous English (eng) Who have been pregnant a few (typically 3-4) times.

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Descendants of pauci-
pauciarticular paucibacillary paucicellular paucidisperse paucimannose paucimannosidic pauciserial paucispecific paucispiral paucisymptomatic paucivalent
Descendants of -parous
dentiparous hemorrhagiparous larviparous multiparous nulliparous nymphiparous primiparous secondiparous tertiparous uniparous uriniparous