peeler etymology

English word peeler comes from English -an, Latin super- (Super-; over, above.), Latin nomen, English theology, English reformer

Detailed word origin of peeler

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-an English (eng) Appended to nouns to form an agent noun. (When males with a profession are distinguished from females, males are -an, females -(i)enne.). Of or pertaining to; an adjectival suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. (Often added to words of Latin origin, but also used with words of other origins. When a word ends in a, -n is used instead.).
super- Latin (lat) Super-; over, above.
nomen Latin (lat) (grammar) noun (i.e. substantive, adjective, pronoun, article or numeral). In particular, the middle name of a three-part free man's Latin name which distinguished one gens from another. Name, appellation. Title.
theology English (eng) (countable) An organized method of interpreting spiritual works and beliefs into practical form.. (uncountable) The study of God, or a god, or gods, and the truthfulness of religion in general.. (uncountable, computing, slang) Subjective marginal details.
reformer English (eng) (chemical engineering, fuel cells) A device which converts hydrocarbons into a hydrogen-rich mixture of gases.. (chemical engineering, petrochemistry) A device used to convert petroleum refinery naphthas, typically having low octane ratings, into high-octane liquid products called reformates.. (history) One who was involved in the Reformation.. One who reforms, or who works for reform.
ecclesiastical English (eng) Of or pertaining to the church.
supernōmen, suprānōmen Late Latin (LL)
surnum Old French (fro)
theologian English (eng) One who studies theology.
surname English (eng) (transitive) To call by a surname.. (transitive) To give a surname to. (Classical studies) The cognomen of Roman names.. (Scottish, obsolete) A clan.. (obsolete) An additional name given to a person, place, or thing; a byname or nickname.. (obsolete) An additional name, particularly those derived from a birthplace, quality, or achievement; an epithet.. The name a person shares with other [...]
peeler English (eng) (British, slang, dated) A police officer.

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Descendants of -an
antiquarian centenarian circadian contrarian cosmopolitan crustacean documentarian dystopian ecclesiastical hangover hi icky injun librarian ovarian reptilian republican sectarian seminarian surname theologian tho thru totalitarian
Descendants of super-
superfine superfluity superfluous superimpose supernatural superpower supersede supersonic superstition superstitious supervillain supervision surangular surmise surmount surnatant surrender survey surveying surveyor survivability survive uberveillance
Descendants of nomen
callant ignominious ignominy nominal nominee nonchalant noun noun clause noun modifier noun numeral noun phrase nounhood nounlike nounness nuncupate pronoun renomination renown silvan sylvan sylvanite umpire verbnoun
Descendants of theology
Lutheran theologic