pentabromide etymology

English word pentabromide comes from English bromide, English penta- (Five.)

Detailed word origin of pentabromide

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bromide English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) A binary compound of bromine and some other element or radical.. A dose of bromide taken as a sedative.. A dull person with conventional thoughts.. A platitude.
penta- English (eng) Five.
pentabromide English (eng) (chemistry) any bromide containing five bromine atoms in each molecule.

Words with the same origin as pentabromide

Descendants of bromide
bromidic bromoil process carbro cetrimide
Descendants of penta-
dinitrogen pentaphosphide diphosphorus pentoxide pentachloro pentacoccous pentacyclic pentadelphy pentaerythritol pentalingual pentapetalous pentaphosphate pentaplex pentapod pentapyrimidine pentasaccharide pentasulfide pentasulphide antimony pentatriene pentazole peta- petabyte petagram petakatal petasecond phagraphene sodium pentaphosphide