pentafluoroethane etymology

English word pentafluoroethane comes from English ethane, English penta- (Five.), English fluoro- (Fluorescent. Fluorine.)

Detailed word origin of pentafluoroethane

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ethane English (eng) (organic compound, countable) The same compound, subjected to modification by replacing one or more of the hydrogen atoms with other radicals.. (organic compound, uncountable) An aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6, gaseous at normal temperatures and pressures, being a constituent of natural gas.
penta- English (eng) Five.
fluoro- English (eng) Fluorescent. Fluorine.
pentafluoroethane English (eng) (organic chemistry) A refrigerant and fire suppression agent with the chemical formula CF3CHF2.

Words with the same origin as pentafluoroethane

Descendants of ethane
Descendants of penta-
dinitrogen pentaphosphide diphosphorus pentoxide pentachloro pentacoccous pentacyclic pentadelphy pentaerythritol pentalingual pentapetalous pentaphosphate pentaplex pentapod pentapyrimidine pentasaccharide pentasulfide pentasulphide antimony pentatriene pentazole peta- petabyte petagram petakatal petasecond phagraphene sodium pentaphosphide
Descendants of fluoro-
dichlorofluoromethane difluoromethane fluoric fluorobenzene fluorobenzyl fluorocitrate fluorodesulfurization fluorodifen fluorogenic fluorogram fluoroorotic fluorophore fluorophosphate fluorophotometry fluoroprobe fluoropyrrole fluoroscopically fluorosilicic fluorosphere fluorosulfite fluorothymidine fluorotype hydrofluoric trichlorofluoromethane