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English word pentane comes from English -ane

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-ane English (eng) (chemistry) A simple binary compound of hydrogen and a nonmetal or metalloid.. (organic chemistry) A saturated hydrocarbon; an alkane.. Variant of -an, usually with differentiation (germane, humane, urbane), but sometimes alone (mundane).
pentane English (eng) (organic compound) An aliphatic hydrocarbon of chemical formula C5H12; either of the three isomers n-pentane, methyl-butane (isopentane), and di-methyl-propane (neopentane); volatile liquids under normal conditions.

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allylstannane alumane astatane bismuthane bromonium butane difluoromethane disilanyl ethane germane heptamethylnonane hydrosilane iodonium methane octane octylic organosilane propane propyl silyl stibane stibonium sulfane tellane tellurane