pentanoic etymology

English word pentanoic comes from English pentane, English -oic

Detailed word origin of pentanoic

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pentane English (eng) (organic compound) An aliphatic hydrocarbon of chemical formula C5H12; either of the three isomers n-pentane, methyl-butane (isopentane), and di-methyl-propane (neopentane); volatile liquids under normal conditions.
-oic English (eng) (organic chemistry) used to form the names of carboxylic groups and acids.
pentanoic English (eng) Of or pertaining to pentanoic acid or its derivatives.

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Descendants of pentane
cyclopentannulated cyclopentannulation cyclopentanone cyclopentyl neopentyl pentoic acid
Descendants of -oic
allenoic butanoic calcitroic docosadienoic docosanoic docosapentaenoic docosatetraenoic dodecanoic eicosanoic eicosapentaenoic eicosatetraenoic eicosatrienoic heneicosanoic heptanoic hexacosanoic hexadecatrienoic hexadecenoic hexanoic hexenoic kaurenoic methanoic octadecatetraenoic octadecenoic pentacosanoic tridecanoic