pentasiloxane etymology

English word pentasiloxane comes from English penta- (Five.), English siloxane

Detailed word origin of pentasiloxane

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penta- English (eng) Five.
siloxane English (eng) (organic chemistry) any of a class of compound having a short repeating unit of silicon and oxygen atoms (either in a chain or a ring) with organic side chains.
pentasiloxane English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any siloxane having five -Si-O- groups.

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Descendants of penta-
dinitrogen pentaphosphide diphosphorus pentoxide pentachloro pentacoccous pentacyclic pentadelphy pentaerythritol pentalingual pentapetalous pentaphosphate pentaplex pentapod pentapyrimidine pentasaccharide pentasulfide pentasulphide antimony pentatriene pentazole peta- petabyte petagram petakatal petasecond phagraphene sodium pentaphosphide
Descendants of siloxane