peplomer etymology

English word peplomer comes from English peplos, English -mer

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peplos English (eng) An Ancient Greek garment, worn by women, formed of a tubular piece of cloth, which is folded back upon itself halfway down, until the top of the tube is worn around the waist, and the bottom covers the legs down to the ankles; the open top is then worn over the shoulders, and draped, in folds, down to the waist.
-mer English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form words relating to chemical structure, denoting parts of a molecule, for example, monomer (one part), dimer (two parts), polymer (many parts).
peplomer English (eng) (virology, archaic) how viruses attach to cells; spike.

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anomeric atropisomerism concatemer decameric elastomer enantiomeric epimer hexameric homomer ionomeric isomer isomerase isomerize isomeromorphism kmer metamer octamer octameric oligopolymer polymer structural isomer tautomerism tetramer tetrameric