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English word perfluorinated comes from English fluorinated, English per-

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fluorinated English (eng) (chemistry) Formally derived from another compound by the replacement of one or more atoms of hydrogen with fluorine.. (chemistry) Treated or reacted with fluorine or hydrofluoric acid.
per- English (eng) (non-productive) Denoting the sense "by" or "per", as in perchance or perhaps. (chemistry) Added to the name of an element in a polyatomic ion denote the number of atoms of that element (usually four).. (chemistry) Forming nouns and adjectives denoting the maximum proportion of one element in a compound, as in peroxide.. (non-productive) In adjectives and adverbs: denoting the sense [...]
perfluorinated English (eng) (chemistry) reacted with fluorine such that many hydrogen atoms have been replaced with fluorine.

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benzole peroxide mercury perchloride orthoperiodate orthoperiodic perchlorate perfluoro perfluoroalkoxy perfluoroisobutene perfluorooctanoic acid perhydrate perhydro periodic periodo permanganate pernitrate perorate peroxide perradial persulfate persulfide perusal peruse plumbic peroxide potassium permanganate