pericapsular etymology

English word pericapsular comes from English capsular (Of, pertaining to, or resembling a capsule.), English peri- (Around or surrounding:. Near:.)

Detailed word origin of pericapsular

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capsular English (eng) Of, pertaining to, or resembling a capsule.
peri- English (eng) Around or surrounding:. Near:.
pericapsular English (eng) (anatomy) Around a capsule.

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Descendants of peri-
endoperitrophic perianth peribacteroid pericapsidic pericardial pericardiocentesis perichondral pericyte peridural perigalactic perihydro perilimbal perimortem perimuscular perineural perinodal periparturient periprosthetic periscope perisplenic perithreshold perithymic periventricular περικοπή