perimorph etymology

English word perimorph comes from English peri- (Around or surrounding:. Near:.), English -morph (Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.)

Detailed word origin of perimorph

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peri- English (eng) Around or surrounding:. Near:.
-morph English (eng) Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.
perimorph English (eng) (mineralogy) A mineral enclosed within another.. (mineralogy) The outer mineral that encloses an endomorph.

Words with the same origin as perimorph

Descendants of peri-
endoperitrophic perianth peribacteroid pericapsidic pericapsular pericardial pericardiocentesis perichondral pericyte peridural perigalactic perihydro perilimbal perimortem perimuscular perineural perinodal periparturient periprosthetic periscope perisplenic perithreshold perithymic periventricular περικοπή
Descendants of -morph
allomorphic allotriomorph amorph dimorph ectomorphic endomorph endomorphic gynomorph homoeomorphous hypermorph ichthyomorph karyomorph nematomorph neomorph olenimorph polymorph polymorphic protomorph pseudomorph pseudomorphic rhizomorph trimorph xenomorphous xeromorph