periscope etymology

English word periscope comes from English peri- (a word of Ancient Greek origin, meaning around or surrounding, near) and English -scope (another word of Ancient Greek origin, denoting an instrument for viewing)

Detailed word origin of periscope

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peri- English (eng) Around or surrounding:. Near:.
-scope English (eng) Used to make terms denoting an instrument used for viewing or examination.
periscope English (eng) (obsolete) : A general or comprehensive view.. A form of viewing device that allows the viewer to see things at a different height level and usually with minimal visibility. (intransitive) To rise and peer around, in the manner of a periscope.. (transitive, or, intransitive, Internet) To broadcast live video stream using Periscope (app) app via phone or tablet.

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Descendants of -scope
Teslascope angioscope antroscope bioscope chromascope cymoscope embryoscope endoscope finderscope fluoroscopically hydroscope hypnoscope kaleidoscope laryngoscope leucoscope nightscope oscilloscope pharyngoscope polemoscope pseudoscope spectroscope spectroscopic binary spiroscope thermoscopic
Descendants of peri-
endoperitrophic perianth peribacteroid pericapsidic pericapsular pericardial pericardiocentesis perichondral pericyte peridural perigalactic perihydro perilimbal perimortem perimuscular perineural perinodal periparturient periprosthetic perisplenic perithreshold perithymic periventricular περικοπή