perisporium etymology

English word perisporium comes from English peri- (Around or surrounding:. Near:.), English spore, English -ium

Detailed word origin of perisporium

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peri- English (eng) Around or surrounding:. Near:.
spore English (eng) To produce spores. A reproductive particle, usually a single cell, released by a fungus, alga, or plant that may germinate into another.. A thick resistant particle produced by a bacterium or protist to survive in harsh or unfavorable conditions.
-ium English (eng) (by extension, humorous) Appended to common words to create scientific-sounding or humorous-sounding fictional substance names.. (chemistry) Used to form the names of metal elements, after the style of early-named elements, as well as the isotopes of hydrogen.. (chemistry) Used to form the temporary systematic element name of a metallic or nonmetallic element which is postulated to exist, or [...]
perisporium English (eng) (mycology) the outer part of a spore wall which often disappears in older spores.

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Descendants of peri-
endoperitrophic perianth peribacteroid pericapsidic pericapsular pericardial pericardiocentesis perichondral pericyte peridural perigalactic perihydro perilimbal perimortem perimuscular perineural perinodal periparturient periprosthetic periscope perisplenic perithreshold perithymic periventricular περικοπή
Descendants of spore
isosporic megasporic oosporic polysporic sporal sporicide sporiferous sporification sporogenesis sporous sporule
Descendants of -ium
potassium radioactive titanic