permease etymology

English word permease comes from English -ase (Used to form the names of enzymes.), English permeate

Detailed word origin of permease

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-ase English (eng) Used to form the names of enzymes.
permeate English (eng) (transitive) To enter and spread through; to pervade.. (transitive) To pass through the pores or interstices of; to penetrate and pass through without causing rupture or displacement; applied especially to fluids which pass through substances of loose texture A watery by-product of milk production.. Liquid that has passed through a filtration system.
permease English (eng) (enzyme) Any of several enzymes that transport membrane proteins.

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Descendants of -ase
agarase aldoketomutase allantoinase amidohydrolase aminomutase aspartase cellulase chitosanase chloroperoxidase dihydrolase dinitrogenase elongase flippase galactanase ginsenosidase hexosaminidase homocysteinase keratanase myrosinase protease pseudoprotease tannase telomerase uricase
Descendants of permeate
permeant permeative permeator