peroxidase etymology

English word peroxidase comes from English peroxide, English -ase (Used to form the names of enzymes.)

Detailed word origin of peroxidase

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peroxide English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) a divalent radical or anion containing two oxygen atoms linked by a covalent bond; any substance containing this group which yields hydrogen peroxide when treated with an acid. (organic chemistry) Any unstable compound or general formula R-O-O-R'. Hydrogen peroxide, especially an aqueous solution used as a bleach (transitive) to treat (something) with hydrogen peroxide, [...]
-ase English (eng) Used to form the names of enzymes.
peroxidase English (eng) (enzyme) Any of a class of enzymes that act on substrates such as hydrogen peroxide and organic hydroperoxides such as lipid peroxides.

Words with the same origin as peroxidase

Descendants of peroxide
bromoperoxidase chloroperoxidase endoperoxidase haloperoxidase immunoperoxidase myeloperoxidase peroxidability peroxidable peroxidation peroxidic peroxidise peroxyl pseudoperoxidase
Descendants of -ase
agarase aldoketomutase allantoinase amidohydrolase aminomutase aspartase cellulase chitosanase dihydrolase dinitrogenase elongase flippase galactanase ginsenosidase hexosaminidase homocysteinase keratanase myrosinase permease protease pseudoprotease tannase telomerase uricase