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English word peruse comes from English use, English per-

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use English (eng) (dated) To behave toward; to act with regard to; to treat.. (intransitive) To consume a previously specified substance, especially a drug to which one is addicted.. (intransitive, now, rare, literary) To habitually do; to be wont to do.. (intransitive, past tense with infinitive) To habitually do. See used to.. (reflexive, obsolete) To become accustomed (to), to accustom oneself (to).. [...]
per- English (eng) (non-productive) Denoting the sense "by" or "per", as in perchance or perhaps. (chemistry) Added to the name of an element in a polyatomic ion denote the number of atoms of that element (usually four).. (chemistry) Forming nouns and adjectives denoting the maximum proportion of one element in a compound, as in peroxide.. (non-productive) In adjectives and adverbs: denoting the sense [...]
peruse English (eng) An examination or perusal; an instance of perusing. (intransitive, regional) To go from place to place; to wander.. (transitive) To examine or consider with care.. (transitive) To read completely.. (transitive, informal) To look over casually; to skim.

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benzole peroxide mercury perchloride orthoperiodate orthoperiodic perchlorate perfluorinated perfluoro perfluoroalkoxy perfluoroisobutene perfluorooctanoic acid perhydrate perhydro periodic periodo permanganate pernitrate perorate peroxide perradial persulfate persulfide perusal plumbic peroxide potassium permanganate