petroleum etymology

English word petroleum comes from Ancient Greek (to 1453) ἔλαιον, Ancient Greek (to 1453) πέτρα, and later Latin oleum (Olive oil. The palaestra.)

Detailed word origin of petroleum

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ἔλαιον Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc)
πέτρα Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc)
oleum Latin (lat) Olive oil. The palaestra.
petram Latin (lat)
πετρέλαιον Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc)
petroleum Malayalam (mal)
petroleum English (eng) A flammable liquid ranging in color from clear to very dark brown and black, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, occurring naturally in deposits under the Earth's surface.

Words with the same origin as petroleum

Descendants of ἔλαιον
gas gasoline oil oily petrol
Descendants of πέτρα