petrophilous etymology

English word petrophilous comes from English -philous, English petro-

Detailed word origin of petrophilous

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-philous English (eng) Having an affinity, attraction, preference or love of something.
petro- English (eng) (neologism) Pertaining to, or funded by, oil export. Of or pertaining to petroleum-based products. Of or pertaining to stone.
petrophilous English (eng) Thriving in a rocky environment.

Words with the same origin as petrophilous

Descendants of -philous
aerophilous ammophilous anemophilous calciphilous chiropterophilous dendrophilous entomophilous halophilous heliophilous homophilous hydrophilous hygrophilous malacophilous mesophilous myrmecophilous necrophilous ombrophilous ornithophilous photophilous phytophilous psammophilous tropophilous xenophilous zoophilous
Descendants of petro-
petrichor petrocalcic petrochemical petrochemist petroclival petrodiesel petrogarch petrogenesis petrogenetic petrogenic petrogeological petrogeologist petrogeology petrograph petrohyoid petrology petromastoid petrophysics petropolitical petroproduct petrorevenue petrosilex petrostate petrotympanic