pharyngostomy etymology

English word pharyngostomy comes from English -stomy, English pharyngo- (Relating to the pharynx.)

Detailed word origin of pharyngostomy

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-stomy English (eng) A surgical procedure forming a hole, used for access, nutrition, or waste elimination.
pharyngo- English (eng) Relating to the pharynx.
pharyngostomy English (eng) (medicine, veterinary medicine) Creation of an artificial opening into the pharynx.

Words with the same origin as pharyngostomy

Descendants of -stomy
-ostomy duodenojejunostomy ostomy pancreatojejunostomy
Descendants of pharyngo-
pharyngalgia pharyngobranchial pharyngoconjunctival pharyngocutaneous pharyngodynia pharyngoepiglottic pharyngoesophageal pharyngogastric pharyngoglottal pharyngojejunal pharyngolaryngeal pharyngolaryngitis pharyngologic pharyngological pharyngologist pharyngology pharyngomaxillary pharyngomycosis pharyngonasal pharyngoplasty pharyngoscope pharyngotonsillitis pharyngotympanic