phenacetolin etymology

English word phenacetolin comes from English -ol ((organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol.)

Detailed word origin of phenacetolin

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-ol English (eng) (organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol.
acetic English (eng) (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to acetic acid or its derivatives. (organic chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or producing vinegar.
phenacetolin English (eng) (chemistry, dated) A yellowish-brown powder obtained by the action of sulphuric acid on glacial acetic acid and phenol.

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cortisol diol enolate enolization ethanol glycol gossypol guaiacol inositide linalool mannitol menthol methanol pentanediol phenol phosphatidylethanolamine phytol pinanediol propanol pyrogallol retinyl roid sterol thiol toluol