phospholipidome etymology

English word phospholipidome comes from English -ome, English phospholipid

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-ome English (eng) (biology) The complete whole of a class of substances for a species or an individual. A mass of something.
phospholipid English (eng) (chemistry) any lipid, such as lecithin or cephalin, consisting of a diglyceride combined with a phosphate group and a simple organic molecule such as choline or ethanolamine; they are important constituents of biological membranes.
phospholipidome English (eng) (biochemistry) The set of all phospholipids in a cell or organism.

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adiposome allergome bibliome chaetome exposeome exposome foldome fusome immunopeptidome interactome ionome kinome metallome methylome monome morphome omic paleome phospholipidomics plastidome plexinome processome pseudome succinylome textome