photometry etymology

English word photometry comes from English -metry (Forming nouns relating to measures and measurement.), English photo- (Light, electromagnetic radiation. Photography.)

Detailed word origin of photometry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-metry English (eng) Forming nouns relating to measures and measurement.
photo- English (eng) Light, electromagnetic radiation. Photography.
photometry English (eng) (astronomy) The measurement of the intensity and spectrum of light from stars.. (physics) The measurement of various aspects of light, especially its intensity.

Words with the same origin as photometry

Descendants of -metry
absorptiometry acidimetry anemometry archeometry bathymetry coulometry ergometry fluviometry heliometry isometry micrometry optometrist optometry phallometry pneumatometry psychometry psychrometry scientometrist somatometry spectrometry stichometry telemetric telemetry zoometry
Descendants of photo-
photo photography